Operator Syndrome オペレーター症候群 Operētā shōkōgun Issue #1
by Zombienomicon
Issue #1 has been sent off to the printers. This is a 24 page comic comprising the first corrected 24 pages as they appear on the webcomic. The type of extraneous information and extra pages I used to add to my graphic novels and single issues a decade ago has been abandoned for Operator Syndrome. Fans of that content will need to keep reading the webcomic. The print version is very much a Silver Age comic book, minus the weird adverts. I've done that before too-- added fake joke adverts or even mockups and pastiches that add to the story. I think it's played out except for the bottom feeders who pretend each "new" thing they do in comics is like splitting the atom.
The print version of Operator Syndrome will be going to some book stores in Australia, UK, USA and Japan, with Canada to follow and then Europe with a French and German edition for France and Germany respectively. Italian version may follow.
The print version will (barely) make money, which is fine. Since this is an open ended ongoing series, it will need to build its commercial success slowly while the webcomic version powers on much more quickly.
The print version will have as many errors from the webcomic as are caught corrected, but it is mainly in print for people who prefer a physical reading experience.
We'll see how it goes! :)
by Zombienomicon
Panspermia is often suggested by those who promote the theory in its various forms as an explanation for how life began on Earth or how life is seeded on newly formed worlds.
The concept behind Operator Syndrome's "beanstalk" event is partly-- what happens when Panspermia occurs to a planet that already has a well established biosphere? One or the other system in the clash must prevail. One will overwrite the other and even if there is synthesis-- an interaction between the pre-existing system and the new arrival that leads to a new compromise system adapted from both-- that still ends the pre-existing biosphere. It's over. Nothing can return to how it was.